Security Equipment

For 30+ years, retail security laid dormant, evolving only out of necessity. With cameras increasing in frame rates and resolution, and gates range increasing, no one seemed to be leveraging their systems to not just reduce shrink, but also to increase revenue.


Asset Pedestal

Make a stand with class. Our Asset Pedestals are made of a hardened plexiglass with a stainless steel base to give a sleek modern finish. Vinyl cover advertising can be made by SYNQ to perfectly fit your new security pedestal in order to sell your latest sales and trends. With it’s built in WiFi, you could even be notified directly when an alarm is triggered.

Media Portal

Get more from your security, This monolith of loss prevention is 6′ tall and made to with stand the perils of a large scale retail environment. Equipped with two 32″ 1080p LED screens, you can play customized video content to promote in store sales, a loyalty card program, or any other advertising campaign that will enhance your return on investment.

Media Turnstile

These TV embedded gates will help you display all your digital signage. Use this space to advertise loyalty cards, current in store specials, and display general welcome messages. With automatic swinging doors that can have a modified swing radius and timing, you can maximize your viewing time without impeding your customer, all held within a complimentary chrome finish.

Remote Media Player

When a SYNQ Media Endcap is not ideal and a wall mounted television is better suited, the Remote Media Player is available. It has all the display functionality of the Media Endcap, but sacrifices a tamper proof casing and built in television for it’s small size and economic price.

4MP IP Outdoor Camera

Video Quality 4 Medgapixels

Resolution 2688 X 1520

Max FPS 30fps

Lens 2.8mm

4MP IP Aisle Camera

Video Quality 4 Medgapixels

Resolution 2688 X 1520

Max FPS 20fps

Lens 2.8mm

360 IP Camera

Video Quality    6megapixels

Resolution     3096 x 2080

Max FPS    30fps

Lens    1.6mm

4K Ultra HD Camera

Video Quality    12 megapixels

Resolution     4072 x 3046

Max FPS    30fps

Lens    9-22mm

Public Viewing Monitor

Video Quality 1080p

Resolution 1080 X 1920

Max FPS 30fps

Lens Digital LED

Door Delay Systems

Our door delay systems lock when attempted to be opened locking thieves from their get away route. These auto mag locks can be tied to a notification camera in order to flag footage of possible thefts. The delay system is then tied into the emergency system to be overridden in the case of a real emergency. If there is a failure in that tie in, the door will only delay for 15 seconds, providing a safe and reliable exit for your customers and employees


General 40mm x 40mm Label

Made for complete general purpose, this label is best for most items you will sell. Everything from electronics to cereal, this tag will get the job done.


Constructed with a hardened Lexan material, these deactivators are made to work individually or in tandem with an additional deactivator in a bagwell to fully ensure deactivation. Designed with the ability to be easily integrated into your POS scanner.

CCTV Receipt Feed Overlay

Record what your employees are ringing through in unison with CCTV footage to observe cunning thieving techniques in the heat of the moment and act with haste to catch the culprit.

Undercart POS Camera Overlay

Many thefts happen with placing items in the undercart where potential theives can ‘forget that they were there: This camera will provide a better view for your POS employees to prevent these actions.

SYNQ Security Technology

Loss Prevention & Sales Tracking

General 19mm x 65mm

Ideal for beauty products, the small width of this label unsure versatility on round items, such as pencils, but his the area to adhere properly.

Meat & Cheese 57mm x 49mm

Designed to work in most meat scales, this label puts the security right in the pricing, protecting your most valuable grocery products.

Wine 23mm x 450mm

Made to match most wine label designs, this black discrete security label is meant to not be detected by customers.

General 40mm x 40mm

Made for complete general purpose, this label is best for most items you sell. Everything from electronics to cereal, this tag will get the job done.

Frozen 40mm x 40mm Label

Where the general labels don’t stick as well and meat labels are too large, the frozen label is called upon to get the job done protecting your product.

Clear 40mm x 40mm Label

Printed labels can be more than you would like people to see at times. A clear label is much more discrete and may server your product better.

SYNQ. Because Security Should Be More.