What Online Does Better

Conversion Tracking

A detailed history of browsing, conversions, and purchase history

Common Customer Purchases

The ‘Customers who bought this also bought that’ tactic.

Predictive Purchases

Being able to predict related items to project purchase items.

What You Need To Do To Beat Them

Track Customer Locations – Using strategically placed cameras, gates, and other SYNQ items inside your store with MAC address capturing can triangulate customer location within 3 feet.

Receipt Data Scraping – Placing a SYNQ Wedge between your POS and printer will enable skimming the receipt to correlate MAC addresses to specific customer purchases.

Dashboard Reporting – This data can then be presented in an easy to analyze format on the SYNQ Dashboard in order to react to sales trends in real time.

Bridge the Gap

Bridging the gap between online conversion, predictive purchases, and related purchases can only be completed by collecting and analyzing real life data. Having purchase and conversion history of a customer upon entering the store can help you get the upper hand.

Tools of the Trade

The tools we need to complete this process are not common place yet and we recognize that not everyone wants to track their customers just yet. But when you are ready to do so, the tools will already be available to you and we simply need to turn them on.

Ethics and Data Acquisition

It is a hot topic these days about the treatment of personal data. We at SYNQ understand that there is a level of consideration that must be upheld to an increasingly higher standard. Meeting this standard at an aggressive speed is not only necessary, but a point of pride at SYNQ.

Respecting Privacy

All data collected by SYNQ can be correlated to tell when a customer enters a store, what they buy, and how often they buy it. This does not tell us who that person is. Our data does not tell their name, race, sex, height, etc.

Keeping Up With Privacy

The laws on these topics are new and constantly evolving. Staying on top of the news on this topic is a top priority at SYNQ. Having to adjust our software is something that does happen. SYNQ is a very agile company and changes can be made very quickly. We yet to find a hurdle we haven’t surpassed.

Addressing Inefficiencies in Security Equipment

For 30+ years, retail security laid dormant, evolving only out of necessity. With cameras increasing in frame rates and resolution, and gates range increasing, no one seemed to be leveraging their systems to not just reduce shrink, but also to increase revenue.

Getting Ahead of the Curve

With the use of MAC address capture technology, receipt data scraping, and post-processing of the accumulated data, SYNQ decided to use each security and advertising unit as a data point for conversion tracking.

No Additional Cost

Our equipment comes with these technologies built in. For instance, every SYNQ camera comes prebuilt with technology for MAC address capturing. The revenue we intend to make from these items is from the services needed to use them.

SYNQ. Because Security Should Be More.