• Made to work individually or in tandem with an additional device in the bagging area to fully ensure the deactivation of security tags
• Constructed with a hardened Lexan material
• Designed with the ability to easily integrate into your POS scanner
Deactivator Pad: Ideal for customer service or returns desks, the Deactivator Pad is made from durable materials to ensure lasting quality when deactivating security tags at POS
Deactivator Loop and Pad: Ideal for high traffic areas, the Deactivator Loop is integrated right into the handheld UPC scanner and works in tandem with the durable Deactivator Pad
Deactivator Double Pad: Ideal for self checkout stations, the durable Double Pad Deactivator acts as a failsafe to ensure that security tags are properly deactivated without requiring the customer to perform any additional activities.