SYNQ knows retail analytics should be more than the people counting solutions our competitors offer.

Industry Insight

Before you invest in stand-alone people counting solutions you should know…

People counting or knowing your daily foot traffic can be an important metric to use. But people counting by itself offers an incomplete view of true shopper behavior. And what you really need to know is how many visitors are repeat customers or what do they normally purchase? So, how often do they come back, has our in-store marketing caused them to increase basket size?

The SYNQ Dashboard can offer a variety of KPI reports. Because it can show real-time store activity, weekly, month over month, and year over year at a glance. Use the intelligence to plan labor, monitor pricing changes, track inventory, and increase ROI. Want to know more? Give us a call, because we are ready to help you run your retail locations like a sophisticated online e-tailer.

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