About Us

What Is SYNQ?

SYNQ is an innovative security technology company driving Retail Excellence through Loss Prevention and Sales Tracking Solutions. Leveraging our solutions to bridge the gap between your Brick & Mortar and online standards and developing a distinct advantage in the retail industry.

For 30+ years, retail security laid dormant, evolving only out of necessity. With cameras increasing in frame rates and resolution, and gates range increasing, no one seemed to be leveraging their systems to not just reduce shrink, but also to increase revenue.

Bridging the gap between online conversion, predictive purchases, and related purchases can only be completed by collecting and analyzing real life data. Our products provide more customer data insight than any Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) company or retail data acquisition service in the world thanks to our custom equipment and strategy. Raw data is easily translated into clear, actionable visualizations in the form of push notifications or exception-based reports. Having the purchase and conversion history for customers as soon as they walk in the door can help you get the upper hand.

Assembled in Canada

Every EAS gate, Deactivator, Wedge, etc, is proudly built in Canada so we can promise its quality assurance on every single item.

Designed In-house

All development and designs are done in our offices. Outsourcing this process can cause sluggish responses to potential problems in the future. Being able to tap the lead designer on the shoulder is much faster than waiting for a response by email.

Pioneers of EAS

Our products provide more customer data insight than any EAS company or retail data acquisition service in the world due to our custom equipment and strategy.  We can turn the raw data into clear actionable visualizations in the form of push alerts or exception based reports.

Why we are different?


Super Efficient

Deeply Commited

Highly Skilled

What Do We Offer?

Track Customer Locations

– Using strategically placed cameras, gates, and other SYNQ items inside your store with MAC address capturing can triangulate customer location within 3 feet.

Receipt Data Scraping

– Placing a SYNQ Wedge between your POS and printer will enable skimming the receipt to correlate MAC addresses to specific customer purchases.

Dashboard Reporting

– This data can then be presented in an easy to analyze format on the SYNQ Dashboard in order to react to sales trends in real time.


Data Security

It is a hot topic these days about the treatment of personal data. We at SYNQ understand that there is a level of consideration that must be upheld to an increasingly higher standard. Meeting this standard at an aggressive speed is not only necessary, but a point of pride at SYNQ.

All data collected by SYNQ can be correlated to tell when a customer enters a store, what they buy, and how often they buy it. This does not tell us who that person is. Our data does not tell their name, race, sex, height, etc.

The laws on these topics are new and constantly evolving. Staying on top of the news on this topic is a top priority at SYNQ. Having to adjust our software is something that does happen. SYNQ is a very agile company and changes can be made very quickly. We yet to find a hurdle we haven’t surpassed.

Meet Our Team

We are based in Victoria, British Columbia. We are very proud to be a Canadian company. We do all our research, development, and manufacturing in house.


205-620 Finlayson St, Victoria, BC V8T5C8

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